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C6 Festa barocca: Dettingen Te Deum

The Dettingen Te Deum is a canticle composed by Georg Friedrich Händel in order to celebrate the victory of the Anglo-Austrian army, led by King George II, over the French army in the battle of Dettingen, on 27th June 1743.

This work was first performed on 27th November of the same year, in the Royal Chapel of the Saint-James Palace, in the presence of George II himself. It was greeted with great enthusiasm from the British people, who recognized the embodiment of their ideals and feelings in that solemn music.


George Friedrich Händel
Dettinger Te Deum

6 days
final performance
Wednesday 1 August
Filippo Maria Bressan (IT)

He is one of the most innovative and interesting batons of the new Italian school and he’s present in all the major Italian festivals. He founded the ensemble Voxonus and directed, among others, the World Youth Choir and the Italian Youth Choir.

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C6 - Händel - Dettingen Te Deum - We praiseThee, o God
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