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Radio Festival - episode 08

Waiting for Europa Cantat with the children. Meeting with Roberta Paraninfo, choir conductor and member of the Festival's Musical Commission

Radio Festival - episode 07

The festival is coming! We get ready by meeting with Pierfranco Semeraro, Feniarco's vice - president, and Sonja Greiner, ECA-EC General Secretary

Radio Festival - episode 06

At the Book Fair with Alessandro Cadario, one of the Festival directors! Talking about young people and music...

We are at International Book fair of Torino with Maestro Alessandro Cadario who is going to try a challenging endeavour: involve in one choir not only people who have never sung together, but also people who have never sung at all. The first spontaneous question is, how can you manage it?
I really don’t know, it’s the very first time for me too, it’s really an interesting idea which comes from an Europa Cantat atelier called “Choir first love sight!”, it’s amazing as challenge because it depends from people in front of you, and any time is different from the previous.
I know you work a lot with young people, they say sometimes it’s really hard to get them closer to music talking about specific repertoires, I’d like to ask you, is that true? Or is just a cliché? Can you tell us something about working with youth?
Youth is wonderful, they are everything and nothing at the same time, it depends on what you give them, it’s up to us to address them toward good and beautiful things, toward this musical heritage, not only for vocal pop or pop music, but most of all toward our Italian musical heritage and our big Maestri. Young people have to know they can be close to musicians from the past, there are many ways to involve them: singing and playing quality music from ancient repertoire, and aim to find out to artists personality. For example, not everybody knows Monteverdi was a big protester person: he was against Academy of music, he breached rules and then he found a way to give voice to what he was thinking, insomuch to change music history. Or what about Beethoven, he started his first symphony with a crazy dominant chord. It’s like getting in a church with hot pants. Talking with young people about the big artists’ humanity, it’s a way to get closer to their evolving personality and sensibility.
During the Festival you will conduct an atelier, what are you going to pursue?
I’m going to have the chance to held two ateliers, one it’s “Yo man!” on vocal hip hop, I’m going to conduct a lot of young people desirous to have fun singing pop music and music they are used to listen every day. But it’s the second atelier I really look forward to held: “Improvisation and live electronics”, born from an idea we had while we were planning the Festival. We wanted to join together electronic music with choirs, it’s really used in cultured music but in the amateur world it’s a freshness.
What do you wish to the many hosts coming to Torino for the Festival?
When a was sixteen I took part for the first time to an European workshop, while I was staying all day in touch with music, young people and new challenges, I’ve taken the decision to become a conductor and working with music. This is what I wish to all participants: a little occasion could change an entire life. I also wish them to build small memories to bring with them forever.
Thank you Alessandro Cadario, we look forward to see you again during your ateliers.

Radio Festival - episode 05

At the Book Fair with Sandro Bergamo, stories from the Italian choral world

This episode of radio Festival is set in the International book fair of Torino, one of the most important European publishing manifestation.
It’s a big cultural kermis which calls every year millions visitors. It’s a good occasion to talk about Festival Europa Cantat and to introduce it to those who don’t know anything about it. Moving on Lingotto’s wide spaces, a former cars factory now become exposition centre, we approach to the stand Europa Cantat and Feniarco, where visitors can receive information about Italian coral world and about the upcoming festival.
Words are not enough to tell a new musical adventure, so we move to auditorium Dimensione musica where the visitor can listen to concerts, presentations and meetings with public. Now we are listening to the children choir Voci Bianche del Coropò conducted by Maria Silvia Merlini. Guest of the Book fair there’s also Sandro Bergamo, editor of Choraliter , Feniarco's magazine. He is here to present two of the last books published by Feniarco. We use this occasion to have a chat with Sandro.
We have been to this book fair about ten years ago, with the purpose to get inside the cultural panorama with our musical realty. This was just the beginning of the bridge building, which now is stronger and wider because in the last ten years Italy have made many steps forward, as we can see here in Torino with this big appointment, the Festival next summer.
Even Choraliter chose a new orientation.
As a magazine, we were born fifteen years ago, some things have changed since now, our first aim was to involve our associates, to become a reference and a way to delve into Italian coral world. In that step our readers were most of all conductors. Then, we had a graphic renew and we addressed our journal to members of choirs other then conductors. As Feniarco, we wondered to be educators in aesthetic and music quality, we offered this path to kids and we really had a considerable feedback.
Talking and walking we arrive outdoor, above us, the glass bubble designed by the architect Renzo Piano. It’s a typical Torino’s afternoon: sun and wind. This city is getting ready for the Festival, it comes spontaneously to ask what wishes Sandro to all participants.
Enjoy the festival and enjoy singing. It’s true choir it’s a commitment, but I won’t say a sacrifice. It’s a big amusement, a big joy and who doesn’t know that world doesn’t know what he miss.
A last question: can you tell us the story of vineyard and the rose?
Oenologist say it’s a legend, but not only from here, I’ve heard it in Bourgogne too. You plant a rose ahead of the row, it’s useful to warn if there’s parasites because it is the first getting sick. I will use this metaphor to say that choir is the rose ahead the society. If a choir works well, behind there’s a good society. Structured societies produce choirs, broken up societies find hard to do it. As Italy is full of choirs, this can be considered an element of hope.
Thanks to Sandro Bergamo, editor of journal Choraliter. See you in the next episode!

Radio Festival - episode 04

So... what is an atelier? Let's ask Kjetil Aamann, one of the Festival directors!

Radio Festival - episode 03

Interview with Jan Schumacher from the festival Music Commission

Radio Festival - episode 02

A delayed Merry Christmas from a snowy Torino!

Torino is snow-covered: it’s a wintertime picture. The city is covered by a blanket of wonderful unspoiled snow: streets, roofs and gardens are all white, children are lost in wonder looking snowflakes coming down slowly. In Piazza Vittorio Veneto someone has even built an igloo.
Well, Torino looks like a Christmas postcard, even if it was sent a little late: at the beginning of February.
In Piazza Repubblica, at the Music Office, as usual our team is working hard organising ateliers and concerts. But even here there’s a special atmosphere today.
Listen up what’s happening during a coffee break... Music Office sings White Christmas
But it’s not over yet, someone is already planning to go sledding... and that someone sings Jingle Bells
We know it’s not Christmas anymore, but Music Office gives you our out of season best wishes.

From Torino our best wishes for your job and... enjoy music! Also in snowy times! Santa Claus is coming to Town!

Ready to ski! :)

Radio Festival - episode 01

Meeting with Feniarco Youth Committee!

The Festival Europa Cantat is an adventure that offers a unique space and an absolutely privileged role to young people. This is why many children and young people from all over Europe and other countries will come to Torino during the festival.
Arianna, Fabrizio and Sarah are part of the youth commission of Feniarco, the Italian federation of regional choral associations. Therefore, they have an important role in the festival organization. We met them at a very special moment: the annual meeting of European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, that took place in Torino in anticipation to the festival. We interviewed them, taking advantage from a work break.
“Hi guys, why do you think a young person should participate to the festival?” F: “First of all, to make an important step in their choral path as a singer, director or composer. Europa Cantat will also give the opportunity to know many Italians and international realities, working with high-level professionals. That’s fun, singing and music.” A: “The festival will take place in Italy for the first time, we hope that the majority of participants will be under the age of 30 and that it will be an occasion to meet young fans of singing coming from all over Europe in a city that is particularly suited for improvisation, creativity and joy.” “And you, Sarah, what could you say about it?” S: “So, Torino. We have fun, we sing, we are young and finally we’re in Italy. We have an important chance to show what we could do and what Italy can bring at the international and European level.”
“In a few words, what are you wishing to the Festival Europa Cantat participants?” F: “Well, to share interesting moments of aggregation, to discover new kinds of music and to enjoy the stay here.” A: “To encounter with human and musical experiences, which normally remain in the memory and in the heart.” S: “I am perhaps a little more spiritual: development and awareness, I mean music as a kind of movement of the soul.”
Many thanks to Fabrizio, Arianna and Sarah. But we said that the festival is an International event, so, during European Choral Association - Europa Cantat meeting, we met also Jenny: “My name is Jenny Grant and I’m from Ireland” Jenny comes from Ireland and is part of the youth commission of ECA – EC. First of all, we asked her opinion about the city of Torino that she just visited. “Oh, I loved it. It’s a beautiful city, we have a lot of fun here, everyone has made us feel very welcome and I think it will be perfect for the festival in July.” She fell in love with Torino and she is also sure of course that the festival will be a great opportunity for young people. “They can enjoy a very wide range of singing ateliers and get to know people from different cultures and different new things about singing cultures that they might not know from before.” That’s what she recommends to people that is coming to Torino for the festival “Make sure to come with a lot of sleep before you come, because you won’t get much sleep during the festival. And enjoy!”
Heard the advice? You should arrive rested, because festival days will be exciting but very intense. “Thank you Jenny”.
So the appointment will be in Torino from July 27th to August 5th 2012, for all young people.
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Ready TO sing?!

Radio Festival - episode 00

Radio Festival: ready TO sing!

Good morning! This is the first episode of Radio Festival!
Until July 27th, start date of Europa Cantat, we will give you information about the festival, we will inform you on the news and enrich everything with some curiosities about the choral world and the city of Torino.
Now let’s start with an introduction of what the festival will be and how and when it will take place.

The festival Europa Cantat is a European event which takes place every three years in a different city. The XVIII edition will be hosted by the city of Torino and will be organized by: European Choral Association - Europa Cantat), FENIARCO (National Federation of the Regional Choral Associations, with the help of ACP (Piemonte Choirs Association), in collaboration with Piemonte Region, Province of Torino, City of Torino and many other cultural and musical organizations and institutions.
During the festival, which will take place for the first time in Italy, will reunite about 4.000 participants among singers, conductors, composers and experts of the field, who come from almost 50 different countries in the world.
Many will be young people under 30, but there will be space for singers of all ages!

The festival programme will be developed along three lines: “On stage!”, “Festa” (that is “party”) and “Soul Food”, that will be the frame of the various planned activities, which will comprehend different ateliers, performance of innovative choral works and a hundred of concerts that will join together a large audience. Ateliers will be led by professional people of the field and many of them will be interdisciplinary, e.g. they will combine singing, music, cinema, dance and theatre in their most various facets.

Everybody can join in the festival: groups of choirs, single singers and even fledgling singers who would like to enter and take part in this world. Every participant will find a suitable atelier for their needs.

Therefore you are all invited to this wonderful event, in Torino from July 27th to August 5th, that will give you the chance to make new experiences, know people coming from different countries and cultures and take part in an innovative and exciting choral reality.
Are you ready TO sing? We are waiting for you!
E tu, sei pronTO a cantare con noi? Ti aspettiamo!