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Radio Festival - episode 02

Radio Festival - episode 02

A delayed Merry Christmas from a snowy Torino!

Torino is snow-covered: it’s a wintertime picture. The city is covered by a blanket of wonderful unspoiled snow: streets, roofs and gardens are all white, children are lost in wonder looking snowflakes coming down slowly. In Piazza Vittorio Veneto someone has even built an igloo.
Well, Torino looks like a Christmas postcard, even if it was sent a little late: at the beginning of February.
In Piazza Repubblica, at the Music Office, as usual our team is working hard organising ateliers and concerts. But even here there’s a special atmosphere today.
Listen up what’s happening during a coffee break... Music Office sings White Christmas
But it’s not over yet, someone is already planning to go sledding... and that someone sings Jingle Bells
We know it’s not Christmas anymore, but Music Office gives you our out of season best wishes.

From Torino our best wishes for your job and... enjoy music! Also in snowy times! Santa Claus is coming to Town!

Ready to ski! :)

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