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The application form is available...

You can organise your participation taking a look at what the festival offers. You can also download the complete festival brochure!

How can I join in?

It’s easy. Just choose the duration of your stay and whether to use or not the accommodation that the festival offers and whether to eat or not at the “festival restaurant” in the city that the festival has organized!

When does the festival begin? How many days can I stay?

The festival begins on Friday, July 27th: first step is the participants’ check-in on arrival. Long ateliers begin the following morning, on Saturday, July 28th, in different city venues (with the exception of 4-day Part II ateliers beginning on Wednesday, August 1st).

Have you decided to stay ten days at the festival? That’s the best choice! You can enjoy all the musical offers and ideas and then… the last day is free: the participation fee for this day is offered by the festival (without room and board). In this case you’ll need to arrive on Friday, July 27th, and leave on Sunday, August 5th, in the morning.

But if you cannot stay at the festival for ten days, you can always sign up for a shorter period with a minimum participation of five nights if the atelier of your choice has a 4-day duration (Part I: arrival on July 27th and departure on August 1st, Part II: arrival on July 31st and departure on August 5th). For longer ateliers you always have to consider arriving on July 27th and departing the following day after the final performance of your atelier.

If your atelier does not commit you every day of your stay, you can always choose, during your free days, to attend discovery ateliers (scheduled daily), or simply enjoy all the other attractions that the festival has to offer.

One-day tickets

Is it not really possible for you to attend an atelier at the festival and stay in Torino for a few days? You can always get a taste of the festival for one or more days by choosing to attend a discovery atelier or some seminars for conductors and composers, joining the evening’s Open Singing and listening to the scheduled concerts at participants’ conditions (see below). One-day tickets can be purchased in advance or directly on the morning of the day in which you want to take part in the festival. For participants buying one-day tickets it will not be possible to book accomodation through the festival organisation.


All participants who register before November 30th, 2011, will be guaranteed participation in one of the three indicated ateliers. The admission to the ateliers does not depend on the date of registration but on a combination of factors such as voice, age and country. In early March 2012 the allocations to the various ateliers will be sent to the participants.
You can also register after November 30th, 2011, but the allocation to one of the selected ateliers will not be guaranteed and accommodation may possibly not be
provided as originally agreed by the festival. You can register as a choir, a group or individually from the middle of September.
If you have difficulties using the online registration form you can contact us by e-mail or call the festival office.

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