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Kjetil Aamann (NO)

He has been working in theatre and broadcasting but first and foremost a conductor of choirs and orchestras. He believes that every person has musical intuition and creativity and that every music rehearsal should be fun.

Marleen Annemans (BE/Wal)

She studied Music at the Music high school “Lemmens institute” in Leuven (Belgium). Now she is a teacher at the B.V.M.Ascension Institute and the Municipal Art Academy.

Joakim Arenius (SE)

He is the former director of Joybells, Europe’s oldest gospel choir. In 2004 he founded Praise Unit, whose urban and contemporary sound has inspired both American gospel artists and community choirs in Europe.

Anton Armstrong (US)

He conducts the St. Olaf Choir and is professor of music at St. Olaf College (Minnesota, USA). He is widely recognized for his work in the area of youth and children’s choral music and he was honored to conduct the World Youth Choir in the summer of 2001.

Basilio Astulez (ES/Basque)

He strongly promotes choral singing for young people. He conducts the children’s choir Leioa Kantika Korala, two youth choirs and Vocalia Taldea, which has been internationally recognized.

Andrea Basevi (IT)

Andrea Basevi won several competitions and composed music for theatre, radio and cinema, also together with the poet Roebrto Piumini. He usually writes operas for young performers and he teaches at Alessandria’s Conservatory.

Martina Batič (SI)

She has won the Eric Ericson Award and is the artistic director of the Slovenian Chamber Choir. She conducts several choirs at home and abroad and she is often invited as a member of a jury at important choral competitions and to give lectures on choral conducting.

Marco Berrini (IT)

Choral and orchestral conductor, he is the artistic director of the Ars Cantica Choir & Consort, the Chamber Choir of the Conservatory A. Vivaldi in Alessandria and the Choral Academy of Milan.

Giovanni Bonato (IT)

Giovanni Bonato has studied with F. Vacchi, A. Guarnieri, and G. Manzoni. He has composed chamber, choral, and symphonic music, performed by prestigious interpreters, broadcasted by the major European radio and published by several editors. He teaches Composition at the Conservatory in Padova.

Virginia Bono (RA)

Virginia Bono studied in Argentina and Germany. She was invited to conduct concerts as well as prepare various choirs throughout Argentina and Europe. She won awards and distinctions in various international competitions with her choir.

Inessa Bodyako (BY)

She is the head of the choral conducting division, artistic director of the students’ choir, teacher of choral conducting in Belarussian State Academy of Music. She is the founder and conductor of chamber choir Cantemus.

Bratsch (FR)

Create in 1972, by Dan Gharibian (guitar and vocals) and Bruno Girard (violin), who will be joined a few years later by Nano Peylet (clarinet) and François Castiello (accordion), and finally Théo Girard (double bass), Bratsch is first of all a meeting between French musicians, coming from diverse jazz experiences, and gypsy music of the Eastern Europe, specially Rumania, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, but also of the Gispy Jazz invented by Django Reinhardt.

Filippo Maria Bressan (IT)

He is one of the most innovative and interesting batons of the new Italian school and he’s present in all the major Italian festivals. He founded the ensemble Voxonus and directed, among others, the World Youth Choir and the Italian Youth Choir.

Timothy Brown (UK)

He is artistic director of the Zürcher Sing-Akademie in Zürich. He was for many years conductor of Clare College Choir, Cambridge, and is renowned for his many workshops with amateur choirs and singers.

Maike Bühle (DE)

She is a violinist, singer, choir and orchestra conductor. She founded Chorikos ensemble and Vokalwerk Berlin. Since 2011 she has been the conductor of Neuer Chor Berlin.

Alessandro Cadario (IT)

He is a conductor, composer, musical arranger but most of all a tireless promoter of choral music in all its imaginable infinite forms. This has always been his greatest passion.

Renato Campajola (IT)

Renato Campajola deals with record production since 1975. He is the owner of Studio SMC of Ivrea and he has made nearly 1,000 recordings, excelling in the field of choral music. Several times the studio has been awarded of international prizes for classical music.

Nicola Campogrande (IT)

Nicola Campogrande is considered one of the most interesting composers of the younger Italian generation. He is the director of the monthly magazine Sistema Musica and artistic director of the Torino Philharmonic Orchestra.

Elisenda Carrasco (ES/Cat)

She is the conductor of Cor Infantil Sant Cugat and the female choir Voxalba. She has deepened her musical knowledge and conducting techniques with children’s choirs, a field on which she’s been invited to hold courses and seminaries all over the world.

Edoardo Cazzaniga (IT)

Edoardo Cazzaniga studied composition, choral conducting and singing, and specialized in voice training of children choir. He holds classes in choral conducting and vocal, and conducts the Children Choir of Milano’s Conservatory.

La Compagnia del Madrigale (IT)

It is one of the most internationally accredited madrigalian groups which was recently founded by Rossana Bertini, Giuseppe Maletto and Daniele Carnovich, singers who have been working together for over 20 years.

Paolo Da Col (IT)

He is a singer, organist, conductor and musicologist. Since 1998 he has been conducting the vocal ensemble Odhecaton, with whom he holds concerts and produces recordings. In 2010 he received the diapason d’or prize for the CD Missa Papae Marcelli by Palestrina.

Maria Dal Bianco (IT)

She is the conductor of the choir Coenobium Vocale, a male group that received prizes and awards in national and international competitions on folk songs, Gregorian and polyphony..

Davide De Lucia (IT)

Davide De Lucia studied piano, organ and composition. He gained recognition as talented improviser of Renaissance and Baroque music. He’s considered a praxis expert of ancient vocal and instrumental repertoire.

Enrico De Maria (IT)

Enrico Demaria graduated in Violin at the Conservatory of Cuneo and received, with first-class honours, a degree in Liberal Arts at the University of Torino. He specialised in Gregorian Chant and Pre-polyphony in Cremona, attending the courses organised by the International Association of Gregorian Chant Study (A.I.S.C.Gre), held by the masters Luigi Agustoni, Nino Albarosa, Iohannes B. Göschl and Alberto Turco.

Wivine Decoster (BE) & David Howard (UK)

Wivine Decoster is a Doctor in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, coordinator in the faculty of Medicine ofLeuven University. David Howard is Professor of Music Technology in the Department of Electronics at the University of York, UK.

Lorenzo Donati (IT)

Choir conductor and composer, he carries out an intense artistic activity conducting concerts, teaching and composing new commissioned works. He has won several prizes in national and international contests.

Myguel Dos Santos y Castro (PT)

Myguel Dos Santos y Castro has developed an intensive and passionate work in different choral events and workshops in Portugal. His choral work has taken him to several countries developing many projects with radio, TV and cinema.

Johan Duijck (BE)

Johan Duijck reveals an artistic versatility as a choir conductor, composer, pianist and teacher. Leading chamber and radio choirs throughout Europe and Latin America often invite him to be a guest conductor. He has an excellent pedagogical reputation.

Oscar Escalada (RA)

He is professor, composer, conductor, writer and editor of choral music. In addition to this, he is Vice-President of the Argentine Association for Choral Music “America Cantat” (AAMCANT). and Secretary General of the America Cantat Organization.

Jürgen Faßbender (DE)

He is a dynamic choral conductor, especially known for his work with the award-winning male choir Cantabile Limburg and the female choir Carpe Diem. He serves as a juror for numerous international choral competitions.

Martí Ferrer i Bosch (ES/Cat)

Martí Ferrer i Bosch conducts the choirs and the orchestras of the Conservatory of Tarragona where he teaches chamber music and conducting. He is also the conductor of O vos Omnes and Cluster Ensemble, and president of Moviment Coral Català.

Richard Filz (AT)

He is a very active teacher in Europe. He works as a studio drummer and teaches in academies and music universities. He also writes educational books and he runs many musical projects.

Isabelle Fini-Storchi (IT)

Mrs. Isabelle Fini Storchi was born in Florence on the 08.06.1967.In 1993 she graduated with honors and praise with an experimental thesis on the Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas.In 1993 she entered into specialization in Otolaryngology, resulting the first in theadmission examination.In 1995 she won the prize of the Italian Society of Otolaryngology and Neck Facial Surgeryand in1997 she won the prize " Prof. Hector Alajmo” at the fifth Regional laryngectomeesConvention.

Lorenzo Fratini (IT)

He is choral and orchestral conductor and he taught at the Conservatoires of Milano and Trieste. After his theatrical experience in Genova and Trieste, he’s currently the director of the Teatro Comunale Choir in Bologna.

Marco A. Garcia De Paz (ES)

He has professional experience in choral art as a performer and conductor. A laureate of various awards for excellence of his choirs, he has been conductor of El León de Oro since it was founded in 1996.

Simon Gaudenz (CH)

He won the Deutscher Dirigentenpreis in February 2009, which represents the highest award of any conductor competition in Europe. He is in great demand internationally and he is frequently invited to conduct prestigious orchestras.

Laurent Gendre (CH)

He has founded and conducts the Ensemble Orlando Fribourg and he is the musical director of the Symphony Orchestra of Thun and of the Chamber Orchestra of Fribourg. He has conducted numerous operas in Switzerland and France.

Benoît Giaux (BE)

He is a classical and pop singer and teaches voice at IMEP (the Namur Music College), performs as a soloist, conducts La Choraline, La Monnaie/De Munt Brussels Youth Choir, composes and performs with the pop a cappella group Witloof Bay.

Michael Gohl (CH)

He is a choir and orchestra conductor, as well as a music pedagogue. He conducts the Jugendchor Zürich at the Conservatory of Zurich and he is the director of the music schools Zollikon and Zumikon. His abilities to guide people of all ages to the richness and the value of music has led him to be regularly in demand as a guest conductor in international festivals like the Europa Cantat Festival and Zimriya in Jerusalem.

Gary Graden (US/SE)

Born in the USA, is choral conductor at St. Jacob’s Church in Stockholm and high in demand as a conductor, teacher and adjudicator throughout the world. He’s specialized in contemporary repertoire and works with vocal and instrumental improvisation too.

Avis Denis Graves (US)

She serves as Minister of Worship at The Park Church Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte (North Carolina). She is a called and anointed gospel musician and she is continually seeking knowledge to equip her to better serve God.

Mirga Gražinytė (LT)

She is a dynamic and talented young conductor. She won the first prize at the International Competition for Young Choral Conductors in Budapest (2008). She is 2nd Kapellmeister of the Theatre and Orchestra in Heidelberg.

Maud Hamon-Loisance (FR)

She was atelier leader during the Youth Chamber Choir Meeting in Usedom 2010 and Europa Cantat junior 2011. She sings in the choir Britten conducted by N. Corti and she is the artistic director of Epsilon vocal ensemble.

Florian Helgath (DE)

He is the leader of the Via Nova Chor Munich and of the Danish Radio Choir. He is very often invited to conduct renowned choirs and orchestras in the whole Europe and he has a wide range of repertoire in choral music.

Julio Hurtado Llopis (ES/Cat)

Julio Hurtado Llopis, a graduate in Psychology and History and Science of Music, is Professor at the University of Valencia. He also works as music and singing teacher. He is author of several publications related to choral music and music education.

Rogier IJmker (NL)

During his education at the Conservatory of Enschede in The Netherlands, he already was conducting several choirs. At first classical music exclusively, but for almost seven years now he has dedicated himself to the vocal pop and jazz.

Thomas Johannsen (NL)

Thomas Johannsen is a vocal improviser, theatre director and performer who likes to work on the borders between fine art, theatre, dance and music. In Amsterdam, he leads The Genetic Choir, a vocal ensemble that sings instant composition concerts, preferably on unusual, architecturally interesting locations. Recent projects with a.o.RadioKootwijkLive, the SOIL ensemble and The Genetic Choir has brought his musical performances to places like the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Oerol and the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam.

Bo Johansson (SE)

He is an enthusiastic and dedicated conductor and music teacher who founded the world famous girls’ choir Adolf Fredriks Flickkör in 1971. He is often invited as guest conductor, speaker and panel judge.

Dani Juris (FI)

He is a young conductor who has worked with, among others, the successful Kaamos Chamber Choir and the Lahti Opera Chorus. In 2009 he won the first prize at the International Competition for Young Choral Conductors in Ljubljana.

Peder Karlsson (SE)

He is a singer, composer and vocal ensemble teacher, born 1963 in Stockholm, Sweden.
From 1984 to 2010, he was a member of the world renowned a cappella group The Real Group and made over 2000 concerts all over the world.

Rob Kearley (UK)

He has a varied career as a director, performer and educator. As associate and assistant director, he has worked with renowned companies and directors at home and abroad. He was a member of the Swingle Singers and Synergy Vocals.

Sigvards Klava (LV)

Sigvards Klava is one of the most outstanding Latvian conductors. He is also a professor of conducting, and producer and music director of the Latvian Radio choir. As a result of her efforts, the Latvian Radio Choir has become an internationally recognized collective.

Stojan Kuret (SI/IT)

He conducts the Vokalna Akademija of Lijubljiana, that won the European Grand Prix (2010). He as also directed APZ Tone Tomšič, the Chamber Choir of the Slovenian Radio TV, the Slovenian Youth Choir and the Italian Youth Choir.

Tamás Lakner (HU)

Tamás Lakner is associate professor of choral conducting and Kodály musical education conception at the Pécs University of Sciences. With his choirs he has won 38 international prizes. He has recorded the complete male-choir oeuvre by Zoltán Kodály.

Thierry Lalo (FR)

Founder and Leader of an internationally recognized French vocal group Les Voice Messengers, Thierry Lalo is also its principal arranger and ‘architect’. His career was influenced on the one hand by mainstream jazz and on the other by European vocal polyphony. The Voice Messengers have been awarded the « Vocal Jazz Price » by the Jazz Academy in 2007 for their latest album « Lumières d’Automne ».

Lone Larsen (DK/SE)

Conductor of Voces Nordicae, she has been teaching workshops and conducting courses in Europe and the USA and working with ensembles such as the Swedish Radio Choir, the Eric Ericson Chamber Choir and the Estonian National Male Choir.

Harold Lenselink (NL)

He is recognized for his work with vocal jazz groups. He has been conducting workshops in many countries and he was the artistic manager of the Europa Cantat Festival 2009 in Utrecht (The Netherlands).

Hilary Llystyn Jones (UK)

Hilary Llystyn Jones born in Llandudno, North Wales is well known for training many Cathedral Choristers here in England as well as Sweden, Norway and America She is also in demand as a teacher of all ages training professional and amateurs.

Lo Cor de la Plana (FR)

Da ormai undici anni, nel quartiere de La Plaine a Marsiglia, Lo Cor de La Plana ha reinventato la vocalità meridionale, mescolandola alle sonorità arcaiche di un Mediterraneo violento e crudo. Le percussioni e la voce sono la coppia emblematica di questo rituale rudimentale e minimale accompagnato da elementi essenziali che il corpo può ancora far battere: le mani, i piedi o la pelle.

Lou Dalfin (IT)

Come gli antichi “trovatori” erano soliti esibirsi facendo da ambasciatori delle prime culture Europee, i Lou Dalfin cantano nella tradizionale lingua “d’Oc” e portano la cultura occitana giro per il mondo. I Lou Dalfin sono più che un semplice gruppo musicale nella parte Occitana del Piemonte: la band di Sergio Berardo è diventato un fenomeno di costume che ha reso musica occitana contemporanea, facendola uscire dai ristretti circoli di appassionati perché divenisse fenomeno di massa. All’esterno dell’area occitana Lou Dalfin è stato un anello congiunzione tra realtà diverse: la pianura piemontese e l’Italia da una parte, le vallate e l’area transalpina dall’altra. Con Lou Dalfin le valli d’Oc non sono più l’estremo lembo di una cultura asettica ma hanno riacquistato la loro funzione storica tradizionale: l’essere ponte.

Gustavo Maldino (RA)

As a guest conductor, he has led choirs in Argentina, Europe and the USA. In 2007 he participated as director of the Ethnic South American Music Workshop in the América Cantat Festival V.

Jaakko Mäntyjärvi (FI)

Jaakko Mäntyjärvi is a Finnish composer mostly involved in choral singing. He was composer-in-residence of the Tapiola Chamber Choir, and he has also taught history of choral music at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.

Corrado Margutti (IT)

Corrado Margutti is a composer, choir conductor, singer and teacher. He is teaching at the Conservatorio “G.F. Ghedini” in Cuneo. As a composer, he obtained several prizes in national and international competitions. He conducts three choirs.

Walter Marzilli (IT)

Walter Marzilli was born in 1957. He graduated in Gregorian Chant, Music Pedagogy, Choral Music and Choral conducting at the “Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music” in Rome where he also obtained his PhD in Musicology. He obtained his specialization (master) in music for Choir and orchestra and in Music Pedagogy, in Germany.

He is a member of the Artistic commission of the Lazio Regional choir Association and the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome. He is “Consiliarius” of the “Consociatio Internationalis Musicae Sacrae” and a member of the Board of Directors of the Cultural Awareness Consulting, that has its main seat in Germany. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the “F.Cilea” Conservatory of Reggio Calabria and the Scientific Committee of the magazine Vox Gregoriana. He is a member of the editing committee of the magazineChoraliter and he has been a member of the Artistic Commission of the Regional choir Association in Tuscany and the National Artistic Commission of the Feniarco for two tenures.

Daniel Mestre (ES/Cat)

He is one of the leading young Catalan conductors who works regularly with some of the most important choirs and orchestras of his country. He has recorded for the Austrian, South African, Spanish and Catalan radio.

Péter Molnár (HU)

Péter Molnár is a young folk dance tutor, choreographer and folk musician. In EC Torino 2012 attempts to focus on the connections between the vocal art of Bartók and Kodály and the original Hungarian folk dance heritage.

Piero Monti (IT)

Graduated from the Cherubini Conservatory of Firenze in Choral Music and Choir Conducting, he became Chorus Master first in the Municipal Theatre of Bologna, then at La Fenice in Venezia. He is currently a Chorus Master at the Teatro Del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.

Mario Mora (IT)

He is the founder (1986) and artistic director of the School of Music and Choir of the Piccoli Musici. He specializes in children’s choirs and has been awarded best director in national and international contests.

Pietro Mussino (IT)

Pietro Mussino studied Composition, Orchestral Conducting, Electronic Music and Music with a course of studies on Multimedia. He collaborates with various companies, associations and institutions as choir conductor, music teacher and musicologist.

Larry Nickel (CA)

He is a composer and an active choral specialist. He sings professionally with the Vancouver Chamber Choir, directs the Jubilate! Chamber Choir and owns Cypress Choral Music Publishing, which promotes Canadian composers.

Silvana Noschese (IT)

Oltre a dirigere diversi cori e a promuovere nella sua città eventi che facciano incontrare le realtà corali in Rassegne, Festival Concorsi, è musicoterapeuta, esperta di psicofonia e specializzata in canto prenatale e familiare.

Una delle sue grandi passioni è far scoprire e sperimentare i “sensi” della voce e del canto a ogni età

Burak Onur Erdem (TR)

Initiator of many choral projects in Turkey, he is a young choral conductor and founder of Choral Culture Association, Istanbul. He continues his doctoral studies on music theory and conducting.

Berit Opheim (NO)

She is one of the foremost singers in Norway with a speciality in Norwegian traditional music. She is classical trained from The Norwegian State Academy of music and The Bergen Music Concervatory (The Grieg Academy).

La Paranza del Geco (IT)

It’s the most important Artistic Company of North Italy, active in the representation and preservation of traditional folk music and dance from Southern Italy: a unique artistic laboratory, nowadays considered a solid point of reference in Turin, active in Italy and abroad since 1999.

Phillip Peterson (US)

Phillip Peterson, degree in voice performance (Temple University, USA), has sung with the Opera Company of Philadelphia as well as 5 years at the Festival dei Due Mondi (Spoleto). He now sings with Coro Maghini and works as a voice teacher and holds courses in choral vocal techniques.

Tamara Petijevic (RS)

She is a conductor, violin player and teacher, a researcher in the field of sacred music and leader of four choirs. She started choral conducting as an experienced orchestra and chamber musician and developed her skills through work with European experts in choral music (including Conductors’ workshops at Europa Cantat Festivals in Mainz 2006 and Utrecht 2009).

Loïc Pierre (FR)

Founder of the Choir Mikrokosmos but also composer, scenographer and producer, has devoted himself to the intersection between choral art and disciplines far away from the strictly vocal field, such as videos, hip-hop dance and cinema.

Franco Radicchia (IT)

Franco Radicchia is the conductor of the Female Vocal Group “Armoniosoincanto”, which has an intense international concert activity, of the Schola Gregoriana “Verba Manent” and of the young vocal ensemble Vivae Vocis Concentus.

Ana Maria Raga

She is Founder President of Aequalis Foundation a non-profit organization that was set up in 2001. It is dedicated to the presentation and investigation of music with a particular focus on choral music for equal voices. Since inception it has promoted the development of children and youth choirs. The Aequalis Foundation also promotes choral singing as a tool for human development in general: It attends school-age children and youth choirs, and serves elderly people through musical exercises to favor brain activity.

Ragnar Rasmussen (NO)

He is the conductor of Vokal Nord and Mimas Chamber Choir. In 2008/10 he conducted the Norwegian National Youth Choir and in 2010 the World Youth Choir. He won numerous first prizes including several awards for best conductor.

The Real Group (SE)

It is a groundbreaking vocal group with its base in Sweden. Using the voices as their sole instrument they have created a unique musical expression in a field in between jazz, pop and Nordic European choir music.

RoxorLoops (BE)

He has been one of the best-known beatboxers for many years. World Vice-champion in 2005, he performs worldwide and he has been a member of the Belgian pop a cappella group Witloof Bay.

Oliver Rudin (CH)

He is a conductor, music pedagogue and violinist. He conducts the female vocal ensemble Voices II and the international award-winning male choir Männerstimmen Basel.

Aarne Saluveer (EE)

He is a producer, educator, conductor, prize-winner in world choir contests. He is president of the Estonian Choral Association, artistic director of Estonian TV Girls’ Choir and Estonian Song Celebration. He leads workshops in Europe, Asia and America.

Federico Maria Sardelli (IT)

He performs concerts all over Europe as a director and soloist. He’s the protagonist of the rebirth of Vivaldi musical theatre and the manager of the Vivaldi Werkverzeichnis (RV).

Pier Paolo Scattolin (IT)

He was born in Bologna; he is a composer and he works as choir and orchestra conductor. He has completed musical studies with Manzoni, Clementi, Grandi, Ferrara, Bellini e Gelmetti. He has been headmaster of the School of music in Mantua from 1986 till 1997.

Jan Schumacher (DE)

He received his initial musical education at the Limburger Domsingknaben and in the State Youth Choir of Rheinland-Pfalz (LJC). He studied music education and German language at Mainz and choral conducting with Wolfgang Schäfer in Frankfurt. He also took courses with Robert Sund, Georg Grün and Simon Halsey and was assistant of the conducting professors at the Music Academy in Mainz.

Alexander M. Schweitzer (DE)

Theologian and musician, he studied Gregorian Chant in Cremona, Roma, and München. Schweitzer teaches Gregorian Chant in many European and Asian Institutions and he is professor of ancient music in Lugano Music University.

Maya Shavit (IL)

Maya Shavit is one of the most active members on the Israeli choral scene today. During many years, she has focused on promoting the commissioning of new works for children’s choirs throughout the country and abroad, as well as for her own Efroni Choir.

Gro Shetelig (NO)

She’s Pianist, Associate Professor in Aural Skills at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway. She was born in Oslo, Norway.

Gro received her music education in Norway (Advanced Music Teacher Certificate in Piano) and at Oberlin College in Ohio, USA (Piano performance)

Sofia Söderberg Eberhard (SE)

She has experience on both great classical and smaller stages. She has travelled the world with the male choir Svanholm Singers with which she has recorded five CDs and received lots of prizes and awards.

Nadia Sturlese (IT)

She began her musical studies at a young age, studying piano at the Conservatory N. Paganini of La Spezia. At fifteen she began her vocal studies and was subsequently admitted to the Civic School of Music in Milan, in the class of Gabriella Rossi.

Jean Sturm (FR)

Jean Sturm, scientist, choral conductor and manager, is mostly dedicated to the development of the Musica project, that aims at describing comprehensively the choral repertoire through an user-friendly and interactive tool.

Anne Karin Sundal-Ask (NO)

She teaches conducting at the Norwegian Academy of Music and the University of Oslo. She has received a number of awards for her conducting and led a number of choirs to victory in international competitions.

Hirvo Surva (EE)

He conducts the Estonian National Opera Boys’ Choir and the Revalia Chamber Male Choir. Specialized in conducting male choirs, he has taken part in numerous competitions and he was nominated Estonian Conductor of the Year in 2003.

Dario Tabbia (IT)

Dario Tabbia is a conductor, teacher of Conservatory, member of juries and musical commissions in Italy and abroad. He is the co-conductor of Coro Giovanile Italiano. He’s particularly devoted to ancient music.

Tanned (DZ, MA, IT)

Zidane Bouda with his Mandoloncello performs songs from Kabylia. Hamid Moumen with Guembri plays the traditional repertoire of Gwana. Segio Caputo, violinist, uses his instrument as a bridge between South Italy and North Africa.

Ints Teterovskis (LV)

He is the artistic director of the Latvian youth choir Balsis. Recognized for his interpretation of Baltic repertoire, he is in great demand as a choral workshop clinician, guest conductor and adjudicator.

Gabriella Thész (HU)

She has given workshops both in Hungary and abroad (Europe, America and Australia) including at Europa Cantat Junior 4 in Vic, Spain. Since 1985 she has been the conductor of the Hungarian Radio Children’s Choir.

WÅG Trio (SE)

The WÅG (Wager Åstrand Graden) Trio was formed in 2007 for the sheer joy of making music with good friends, and to explore new ways of communicating music to an audience.

Lasse Thoresen (NO)

Lasse Thoresen’s music absorbed influences from ‘ethnomusic’, French spectral music and ‘Musique Concrete’, and from Harry Partch’s tonal system. He initiated the Concrescence Project, which aims at renewing vocal practise bringing together practical studies of microtonality and diphonic chant.

Pierangelo Valtinoni (IT)

Pierangelo Valtinoni conduced chamber ensembles and orchestras in Italy, Europe and Mexico. His compositions are performed in Europe, Asia and America, and his works have been widely diffused, in particular Pinocchio nad The Snow Queen.

Simone van Gog (NL)

She performed for many years on the professional stage in musicals. She taught musical theatre at the Theatre School in Amsterdam and she coached, directed and taught children choreography in many musical productions.

Erik Van Nevel (BE)

Is singer and conductor and teacher for conducting, chamber music and atelier early music at the Lemmensinstitute of Leuven, Belgium. He is also conductor of the ensemble Currende with whom he recorded about 40 CDs with 16th, 17th or 18th century music.

Herma van Piekeren (NL)

She is specialized in children’s and young adults’ singing and performing and gives workshops in conducting and voice-training. She is producer and conductor for classical choirprojects and outdoor theatre productions.

Anne Vasseur Gilbert (FR)

.Si sperimenteranno i fondamenti della Psicofonia che mira ad armonizzare tutti i livelli dell'essere grazie alla vibrazione del respiro e del suono per esplorare, "ri-conoscere" ed esprimere appieno il proprio potenziale vocale.

Voces8 (UK)

It is an international young British a cappella octet performing a repertoire ranging from early polyphony to unique jazz and popular arrangements. Their work extends to workshops with the aim of inspiring creativity through music.

Panda von Proosdij (NL)

She studied at the Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands and various theatre courses for example in Azzano(Italy), Wiesbaden(Germany) and New York.

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