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Sketches from the festival! Sketches from the festival!

You can watch all the reportage from every day of the festival on multimedia -> videogallery! And in order to be always ready TO sing, take a peek at the "ready TO sing" page, where you can find the opening video for the concerts in Piazza San Carlo and a "best of the festival"...

And all of you, be always ready TO sing!

Festival magazine: online Festival magazine: online

You can download the festival magazine directly from our website and read the interesting interviews and the in-depth news on ateliers and concerts.

It will help living again the mood of the Festival Europa Cantat in Torino and reading the views of the protagonists!

Some festival pictures! Some festival pictures!

In the multimedia -> photogallery area, you can have a look at some pictures of the festival!

If you miss the festival, now you can remind and live again the good times you lived from 27th July and 4th August! :)

Send us your best pictures and the more beautiful will be posted on our website!

Pécs meets Torino Pécs meets Torino

Today, the last day of the festival, Turin welcomes the delegation of the Hungarian city of Pecs, home of the next Festival Europe Cantat!

We thank especially the mayor of Pécs, Zsolt Pava for his presence.

 Festival CDs and DVD! Festival CDs and DVD!

You can book the CDs of some of the concerts that were recorded during the festival, and also the DVDs of the festival’s best moments!

Book your copy by mail:

Closing Concert Closing Concert

Tonight everyone in Piazza San Carlo at h. 21.00, will enjoy the concert of these prestigious ensembles and, last but not least, say goodbye while singing (open singing is at h. 20.00) and give us an appointment for 2015.

European Choir Video Award European Choir Video Award

Last night in Piazza San Carlo on the main stage were announced the results from the European Choir Video Award.

find out here who they are and their videos!

another incredible day of concerts another incredible day of concerts

Getting close to the end of the festival, be sure not miss any concerts!

on main stage this evening Sing Along: Mamma Mia and for the last night at Jazz Club Mediterranean Folk with Tanned

find out what is in hte programe for today!

G77 Night Discovery Atelier G77 Night Discovery Atelier

Today there will be a Night Discovery Atelier The Genetic Choir - Improvisations on Location, held by Thomas Johanssen (NL), will take place at the Teatro Espace in via Mantova 38, L13 on our atelier’s map. There are still some places available!

From h 21 to h 23.30!

Europa Cantat T-shirts Europa Cantat T-shirts

Carpe diem! You can buy the official festival t-shirts at the info points on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th of August!

European Awards European Awards

European Choir Video Award
The announcement of the winner of the European Choir Video Award from European Choral Association - Europa Cantat’s Youth Committee will take place on the main stage in Piazza San Carlo after Open Singing tonight at 20.45.

European Award for Choral Composers
Tonight in Lingotto, Auditorium “G. Agnelli” h 21.30 will take place the official award ceremony.

main stage, p. san carlo main stage, p. san carlo

This evening on main stage in Piazza San Carlo:

Final performance of Atelier B4 Groovy Ladies

The Real Group (SE)

Thematic Fringe - folk in my yard Thematic Fringe - folk in my yard

New thematic fringe appointment, today we'll discover Torino's courtyards! Courtyards to discover are:

1-Chiesa di San Filippo (via Maria Vittoria 5)
2-Palazzo Dal Pozzo della Cisterna (via Maria Vittoria 12)
Special Guest alle ore 18.30 Veljo Tormis’ Portrait, Estonian National Male Choir (EE)

Social Festival Social Festival

Stay always tuned on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!!!

You'll find all the news, changes, photos and videos of the festival!

Exchange Point Exchange Point

Do you have a ticket for a concert but you can't attend it? Or dou you want a ticket for a concert already sold out?
In Music Expo (Torino Incontra from 8.30 to 18) there is the Exchange Point where you can exchange tickets with others!

If you can’t attend any of your already booked concert, please offer to someone else the opportunity of attending the event!!!

Regional Concerts Regional Concerts

The Festival Europa Cantat XVIII Torino 2012 is discovering Piemonte!

Find out today's concerts!

- 0 The Festival is starting! - 0 The Festival is starting!

The Festival Europa Cantat Torino 2012 is starting today, are you ready TO sing?

Parade and Opening Ceremony Parade and Opening Ceremony

From h 17.30 all partecipants of the festival will parade through the streets of Turin centre then each group will join the others in Piazza Castello creating a whole chorus!

And at h 21.30 Opening Singing andOpening Concert on the main stage in Piazza San Carlo!

Download Festival App Download Festival App

Now you can download festival Europa Cantat App on AppStore!!!!

The app is free of charge and can be downloaded easily: enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The features are:

-festival news with in-depth article
-detailed programme of musical events
-instant chat with other festival participants
-events interactive map
-information on festival
-sharing with facebook, twitter and youtube
-automatic update

The festival offers all the concerts! The festival offers all the concerts!

All the concerts are free!

Some of them can be booked in advance, from the 12th to the 22nd of July, following the instructions that you can find on our website, in the “programme” page.

European Music Day! European Music Day!

21st June 2012: the Festival Europa Cantat XVIII Torino 2012 will join the European Music Day in Torino! Don’t miss it!
The youth choir VociInNote conducted by Dario Piumatti and Gianluca Castelli will open the event in Piazza Palazzo di Città at 5.00 pm

ready TO sing!

Conduct, compose and exhibit! Conduct, compose and exhibit!

In the “…conduct” and “…compose” section, conductors and composers can find the programme of all the activities planned for them, that will take place in Torino Incontra, in the same area where the music expo will be.

Tum-tu-tum... Tum-tu-tum...

There is a beat boxer beating in each choir!

Richard Filz and RoxorLoops are in Torino to train and prepare the beat boxer to accompany your forays into the pop repertoire!

It's Discovery time! It's Discovery time!

The festival is still open for registration: it’s Discovery Ateliers time! We have published the calendar in the “ready to... sing” section of the web site.

Do you want to join our team? Do you want to join our team?

Are you passionate and enthusiastic and you want to give your contribution for a great event in a beautiful city? Then, welcome to our team!
Sign up as a volunteer and live from inside the magical experience of the Festival Europa Cantat XVIII Torino 2012!

The festival arrives in the book fair! The festival arrives in the book fair!

This year the festival waits for you at the Salone Internazionale del Libro di Torino (the international book fair of the city), with preview events and information about the festival.
If you are around Torino, don’t miss this appointment: come to visit us at our booth “Festival Europa Cantat XVIII Torino 2012” and “Feniarco”! We are there from 10th to 14th May in Dimensione Musica space.

News on the music expo! News on the music expo!

Are you a music publisher or do you organise musical events? Don't miss our music expo: you will have the chance to promote your activity and meet a whole choral world!

Listen to our Radio Festival! Listen to our Radio Festival!

Radio Festival keeps you informed on the festival and on the events in Torino: follow us on multimedia section! We are in the mood and you... are you ready TO sing?!

Some little audio sketch to drive you in the festival atmosphere!

A lot of applications! A lot of applications!

Thanks to those who signed up to the festival before November 30th! We have reached over 3,000 participants, but there is still room for those who want to join in!
Persons who applied will receive an email in the coming weeks from the Festival office, which will confirm they correctly applied.

Looking for young managers! Looking for young managers!

Adhesions for YEMP are officially open! Yemp is the programme for young managers to learn how to organize events which offers a rich and stimulating formative path with seminars and practical experience. The registration deadline is 31st January 2012. Limited availability: register now!

Find out the commissions of the festival Find out the commissions of the festival

Important commissions for the ateliers of the festival! Jonathan Rathbone (UK), Manfred Länger (AT), Jakko Mäntyjärvi (FI) are the composers. And besides these important “première” there will be 10 more commissions for the participant choirs which will be announced here on our website.

D3: here’s the name of the conductor! D3: here’s the name of the conductor!

Here’s the name of the conductor of the 50th atelier of the festival, D3- Bach: Motets. He is the Belgian-Flemish conductor Erik Van Nevel, founder of Currende Consort and choral conduction, chamber music and praxis of ancient music teacher at the Lemmens Institute di Leuven.

The festival deadlines The festival deadlines

30th November 2011 for ateliers A, B, C, D (ateliers for choirs and singers, 4 to 8 days long)
31st December 2011 for uploading the audition material on the application form (atelier C) or sending it to the festival Music office
25th January 2012 for atelier E
31st January 2012 for YEMP

E1 Selection criteria E1 Selection criteria

We have established the selection criteria to be part of the Europa Cantat Chamber Choir! If you are aged between 18 and 30 and you fulfill the other criteria mentioned on the website, audition for this interesting project!

News from C7 atelier News from C7 atelier

Larry Nickel's Requiem for Peace in its new instrumentation will be premiered in Vancouver, Saturday 19th November. Visit the event page on this link.
Listen to some excerpts and find out more about the Requiem and the composer on the links, active in the atelier description.

News on C ateliers News on C ateliers

C level ateliers are for choirs and singers who audition and come prepared.
Singers and choirs choosing this kind of ateliers will be requested to upload directly on the application form by 31st December 2011 the audition materials!

The festival on facebook The festival on facebook

Follow the festival Europa Cantat XVIII Torino 2012 on its facebook page! It is a quick and simple way to know beforehand all the news, the updates and the interesting proposals that the festival offers daily.

Atelier F: all the details! Atelier F: all the details!

Atelier with songs, dancing, musical games specifically thought for children: this is what the musical kindergarten offers. For one day or the entire week, in the morning and also in the afternoon or evening, if needed. Find out now the interesting proposal that the festival can offer you with favorable terms.

Applications are online... it's your turn! Applications are online... it's your turn!

The festival applications are online!
Finally you can register and apply for the festival! The application form will allow you to register as a group or as individual without accompaying people. Those applying before 30th November 2011 will be guaranteed to attend one of the ateliers of your choice at the festival Europa Cantat in Torino!

I’m ready TO apply... in a few days! I’m ready TO apply... in a few days!

The application form of the Festival Europa Cantat XVIII Torino 2012 will be available on the website in a few days! You can register as a choir, as a group or as individual without accompaying people. Choose your favourite three ateliers or the special programmes you would like to attend before 30th November 2011. You will be guaranteed that you will be accepted in one of the ateliers of your choice at the festival Europa Cantat in Torino!

Singing together: ready TO go! Singing together: ready TO go!

"Known as one of the main industrial centres in Italy, the Piemonte Region and the City of Torino are no less active on the cultural front. As well as industry and production, our area has developed a cultural side becoming a venue for major events and prestigious institutions."
(Michele Coppola e Maurizio Braccialarghe)

Conductors and composers Conductors and composers

Among the many figures composing our musical habitat, the festival wishes to strengthen the interactions and the exchanges, with the belief that the future of choral music develops with the interaction and the relationships between composers, conductors and choirs.

Curious... to know more about it! Curious... to know more about it!

The Festival Europa Cantat is for everybody, especially curious people. Curious singers and curious people who want to sing, curious conductors and curious people who want to meet who will conduct us, curious composers and those curious to know new compositions, curious listeners and curious singers who want to be listened to.

Ateliers Ateliers

The festival offers 50 ateliers, lasting 4 to 8 days and ending with a public concert. The ateliers are made up of 4 levels and the majority of them are open to everybody. At each level you can find the greatest variety of musical genres and choir types, each atelier differing in length.

Are you ready TO sing? Are you ready TO sing?

"We ask that everybody comes to Torino from 27th July to 5th August 2012 for the XVIII edition of the Festival Europa Cantat: the whole city and the region await singers from all over the world for a festival that is worthy of its long tradition."
(Sante Fornasier, festival president)

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ready TO sing!
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Best of the festival!
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